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Collected Paintings

There have been numerous talented artists throughout the history of Chinese painting, but most of the great artists throughout the ages have tended to specialize in one particular skill, style, or subject matter. Master Wan Ko, however, is proficient in all subject matters - whether landscape, flowers and birds, animals, fish, insects or figures. With respect to artistic techniques, he has excelled at meticulous painting, freehand brushwork, splash-ink style, and many others.

Those who have viewed the paintings of Master Wan Ko are amazed at the lofty, vigorous, and superb quality of his work. Although this collection of paintings cannot represent the myriad unrivaled aspects of Master Wan Ko's paintings in all their glory, it still allows us to appreciate the splendor, verve, refinement, and transcendence of the Master's art.

Collected Paintings of Master Wan Ko Yee