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Master Wan Ko Yee Solo Exhibition

Amazing To The Mind!
Experience Unprecedented Beauty In The History Of Art!
An Indescribable, Mystic, Wondrous, Magnificent, and One-of-a-kind Treasury Of Art!
Mar. 4th. – Nov. 9th. 2006

Mon. – Thu. 11:00am – 5:00pm, Fri. – Sun. 10:00am – 6:00pm

3134 22nd Street, San Francisco CA 94110, USA (map)

Sponsor: Master Wan Ko Yee International Culture Institute
Admission: Free

The exhibition will feature Yun sculptures, Chinese paintings, western paintings, 3-dimensional paintings, calligraphy, poetry, couplets, literature, philosophical sayings, bronze and stone inscriptions, art frames, decorative wall hangings, jade plates, glass paintings, enamel, incomparably exquisite decorative building material, famous tea, heath care product, etc., totaling 18 different categories of more than 200 pieces world-class artwork. They represent the Master’s extensive knowledge and talents. Under each category of the displayed pieces, various styles will be exhibited.

Master Wan Ko Yee is a figure with magnificent accomplishments in all areas. In all of human history, no one can compare. His high level of virtue and state of realization is difficult to find in the earthly world. Although Master Wan Ko Yee’s status is that of a Dharma King of Buddhism, this exhibition does not include the Master’s accomplishments in the Buddha-dharma, medicine, music, science, etc. Therefore, only a small part of his achievements will be displayed.

This exhibition features but a part of the accomplishments of Master Wan Ko Yee in art, demonstrating his most extraordinary achievements in the world’s history of art and literature. The artwork included in this exhibition has reached the pinnacle of art in all 21 categories. There is no one in history who has individually achieved the outstanding levels of accomplishment in all 21 categories. Moreover, there are numerous items of the Master’s accomplishments not being displayed in this event. Therefore, it really proves that Master Wan Ko Yee’s accomplishment in all areas is astonishing and unprecedented in human history.